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Whole Smoked Rainbow Trout with Orange

Suitable for home freezing

Whole Smoked Rainbow Trout with Orange
Smoked Trout with Orange


Sold individually. 280-320g/trout


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Whole Rainbow Trout, gently brined and then stuffed with slices of orange. Hot smoked in our oak fired kiln until cooked. A very subtle method of smoking to give a wonderful combination of flavours and a distinctive orange flesh.

Our Smoked Trout really do melt in the mouth.
Keep refrigerated (store below 5 degrees C). Generally will keep for 10 days from delivery date (Important: Always refer to use by date on the packet).

Suitable for home freezing (must be frozen before use by date). Consume within 3 months of freezing. Thoroughly defrost before use.
Our Hot Smoked Trout are ready to eat. Serve with the skin removed and head and tail removed if preferred. Nice with horesradish and a lemon wedge as a starter or a snack.

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