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Smoked Trout with Orange

Smoked Trout, Cod & Haddock

Our range of smoked fish includes Trout with Orange, Smoked Cods Roe and Smoked Haddock.Every fish, fillet or row we smoke is treated with the same level of care and expertise and gently smoked over oak by our master craftsmen without the use of any artificial colours, preservatives.

Whole Rainbow Trout, gently brined and stuffed and hot smoked, with a wonderful combination of flavours. Smoked Cod's 'dry brined' and smoked for fourteen hours for a superbly rich flavour. Gently smoked and undyed Smoked Haddock, a testament to how this fish should be smoked.

Whatever your choice... it comes with the Cley Smokehouse guarantee of taste and quality.

Cold Smoked Atlantic Cod's Roe

Smoked Cods Roe

A pair of delicious Cley SSmokehouse Kippers

Smoked Haddock
£10.43/0.5 kg

Cley Smokehouse

Trout & Orange Paté

A natural skinless Smoked Haddock Fillet, gently smoked over oak and packed with a knob of butter in a special cooking bag.

Easycook Smoked Haddock Fillets
£22.40/6 x Fillets

Cley Smokehouse genuine Taramasalata in pots


Whole Smoked Rainbow Trout with Orange

Whole Smoked Rainbow Trout with Orange

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