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Slice smoked Salmon one of our smoked and cured salmon flavours

Smoked & Cured Salmon Flavours

Here at Cley Smokehouse we are rather proud of our range of Smoked and Cured Salmons. All produced by us to our own recipes, all our Salmon Cures are hand-sliced from whole sides of Scottish Smoked Salmon prepared and cured in house using our own techniques and recipes.

From totally natural sliced smoked salmon, to the rich colours of our Beetroot salmon and the quiet sophistication of our Whisky and Ginger. Whatever your choice you are in for a culinary treat. Or why not try them all with our Salmon Flavour Selection gift pack? - it makes a unique taste experience or an excellent gift.

Sliced Traditional Gravlax

Sliced Traditional Gravlax
£10.70/200g pack

Beetroot cured Salmon with a rich dark colour.

Beetroot Cured Salmon
£10.70/200g pack

Hand sliced Scottish smoked salmon

Sliced Smoked Salmon
£23.50/5x100g packs
£10.00/200g pack

Cley Smokehouse range of unique cured salmon, sliced and ready to eat.

Salmon Flavour Selection
£31.45/gift pack

Scottish Salmon with a Lavender and Citrus cure

Lavender-Citrus Salmon
£10.70/200g pack

Sliced Scottish Salmon with a Fennel cure

Fennel Cured Salmon
£10.70/200g pack

Sliced Scottish Salmon with a Whisky and Ginger cure

Whisky & Ginger Cured Salmon
£10.70/200g pack

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