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Rape seed in flower growing in Norfolk

Yare Valley Rape Seed Oil

We love these Yare Valley Rapeseed Oils and dressings (as does Delia Smith!). Extra virgin Rapeseed Oil, cold pressed on the farm over in the beautiful Yare Valley it's naturally pure with nothing artificial added. The perfect partner for Cley Smokehouse.

Rapeseed has a delicate nutty flavour it's ideal base for dressings (try some of their own), dips and marinades. It's great for frying, particularly at high temperatures, roasting, baking, cake making - so should keep you busy!

Yare Valley Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil 500ml

Yare Valley Rapeseed Oil

Yare Valley Oak Smoked Rapeseed Oil 250ml

Oak Smoked Rapeseed Oil

Yare Valley Norfolk Vinaigrette 250ml

Norfolk Vinaigrette

Yare Valley Norfolk Honey Mustard Dressing 250ml

Norfolk Honey Mustard Dressing

Yare Valley Chilli Dressing made with Rapeseed Oil

Chilli Dressing

100g Yare Valley Horseradish Sauce

Yare Valley Horseradish
£2.75/100g jar

Yare Valley Pesto Sauce 100g jar

Yare Valley Pesto
£3.45/100g jar

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