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Cley Smokehouse generous Pickled Herring fillets

500g tub of Pickled Herring
A generous tub packed with fillets of herring, brined and pickled in an organic sweet cider vinegar and spices.

£4.95/500g tub

500g tub of Pickled Herring


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This is out take on the Baltic delecacy - a generous tub packed with fillets of herring which have been salted in brine to keep the firm texture and aid preservation and then pickled in an organic sweet cider pickling marinade to our own recipe.

A smörgâsbord of flavour!
Can be stored for up to 2 months in a refrigerator (until use by date).

Once opened eat within 7 days.

Not suitable for freezing
Drain the vinegar and Cley Smokehouse Pickled Herring are ready to eat.

Combine with apple and sour cream, mustard and mayonnaise for a delicious Danish open sandwich on Rye Bread. Add to boiled potatoes with a Shallot and chopped dill for a punchy potato salad.

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