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A pair of delicious Cley Smokehouse Kippers

Suitable for home freezing

Oak Smoked Kippers
Kippers - un-dyed kippers cold smoked over oak

£19.60/6 x kippers

6 x Individual vac-pac Kippers

£7.50/Pair Kippers

Per pair Kippers (approx 600g)

£3.80/Ind. Kipper

Individual Kipper (approx 300g)

Kippers are one of the signature dishes of Cley Smokehouse and our Kippers have an enviable reputation along the coast for their succulent delicate flavour.

We select finest quality Atlantic Herring from sustainable sources (Herring are on the Marine Conservation Society's list of fish to eat). The raw Herring are split and brined in our secret recipe, individually hung in racks before being slowly cold smoked over oak in our traditional brick kilned oven.

Carefully monitored during the process they remain in our smoker until they have aquired the fine texture, colour and delicate flavour of the Cley Smokehouse Kipper. A traditional hand crafted product from one of a handful of genuine Smokehouses.
Keep refrigerated (store below 5 degrees C). To enjoy your Kippers at their best they should be consumed 1-2 days after delivery. Generally will keep for 7 days from delivery date (Important: Always refer to use by date on the packet).

Kippers are suitable for home freezing (must be frozen before use by date). Consume within 3 months of freezing. Thoroughly defrost before use.
Herring (Fish), Salt, Natural Oak Smoke

Allergens highlighted in Bold
Grilled kippers: Gently melt some butter and brush over a piece of kitchen foil large enough to cover the grill pan. Remove the heads and tails from the kippers (kitchen scissors work well for this), lay the kippers skin side down on the kitchen foil and grill for approximately 1 minute under a pre-heated grill. Flip the kippers over, brush with the remaining melted butter and grill for a further 4-5 minutes (until sizzling) and serve immediately.

Jugged kippers: For a traditional cooking method which is quick and simple and delivers a really moist and succulent fish try jugged kippers. Remove the heads and tails (again kitchen scissors work well for this), fold the fish together and pop into a tall jug. Now cover with boiling water, cover the lid of the jug and leave in a warm place for about 6 minutes. Remove the kippers, pat dry with some kitchen paper and serve immediately.

Serving suggestions: Serve on a warm plate with a knob of butter, a thick chunk of crusty brown bread and maybe a wedge of fresh lemon. If you're having these for breakfast try adding a poached egg on top - delicious.

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