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Enjoying a Cley Smokehouse Gift

Our Gift Range

When you give a Cley Smokehouse gift pack you are giving something made with the same care and thoughtfulness as you made when you chose it.

Hand crafted products made in one of a handful of genuine Smokehouses by master craftsmen.

Guaranteed to please and guaranteed to be delicious!

Cley Smokehouse twenty pound gift voucher

£20 Cley Smokehouse Gift Voucher
£20.00/Gift Voucher

An indulgent gift pack of cley smokehouse products with lobster, smoked crevettes, mackerel paté smoked salmon, kiln roasted salmon and crab paté

Indulgent Giftpack
£73.50/Gift Pack

Cley Smokehouse range of unique cured salmon, sliced and ready to eat.

Salmon Flavour Selection

Chilli based giftpacks includes Smoked Mackerel and Kiln Roasted Salmon, Hot Chorizo, Fiery Dressing and  Nelson's Ghost Chilli Sauce

The Chilli Giftpack

A special smoked fish breakfast for four with Kippers, Smoked Mackerel, Paté and Smoked Salmon

The Special Breakfast
£26.20/Gift Pack

Gift pack with the best of Marsh Pig and Cley Smokehouse meats combined

The Smoked Meats
£43.30/Gift Pack

Luxury giftpack for two with dressed Lobster, Crevettes, hot-smoked salmon, Gravlax and Smoked Salmon Pate.

Luxury Giftpack for Two
£54.10/Gift Pack

Luxury giftpack for two with dressed Lobster, Cromer Crab, hot-smoked salmon, Gravlax and Beetroot Cured Salmon.

The Cromer Crab Gift Selection
£116.95/Giftpack for 6
£78.50/Giftpack for 4
£39.50/Giftpack for 2

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