Cley Smokehouse

Cley Smokehouse

traditional smoked fish & meats delivered direct

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Freshness Guarantee

To keep your order fresh it will be packed with food safe gel packs frozen down to -18°C inside a thermal insulation layer and finally into a cardboard outer. this will keep the product cool for up to 48 hours and ensure your order arrives in perfect condition.

We despatch your order on 24 hour delivery. Occasionally though things go wrong, during really busy periods courier companies get delayed and your order may arrive the following day. Temperatures should remain below 5°C and the product should still be in perfect condition, just as if you had kept it in the fridge.

Despite that things do go wrong and Cley Smokehouse is a company that relies on it's reputation for fresh food of the finest quality and we want you to enjoy our products in perfect condition. So if for ANY reason you are unhappy with your order on recept call us on 01264 740282 and we will be happy to replace all or part of your order or to refund your purchase in full


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