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Dressed Cromer Crabs and Dressed Lobster

Cromer Crab and Dressed Lobster

With clean, relatively shallow water devoid of mud and with a flinty, chalky seabed the reef off Cromer is the ideal fishing ground, for what has become the almost iconic Cromer Crab and Lobsters. With their high proportion of white meat, Cromer Crabs along with the Cromer Lobsters have become one of Norfolks best known delicacies.

All our Cromer Crabs and Lobsters are caught locally by small boats (usually our own) using sustainable traditional crab and lobster pot fishing methods . Guaranteed fresh our crabs and lobsters will normally be caught, cooked and dressed and vacuum packed within a day meaning they taste just as they have come out of the sea.

Mostly plentiful in summer months as cold waters in winter mean crabs and lobsters are not moving around the seabed and feeding. Small stocks may be available in winter when conditions out at sea are suitable for fishing.

Fresh Dressed Cromer Crab from Cley Smokehouse

Dressed Cromer Crab
£5.95/Ind.Dressed Crab 140-16

Freshly cooked Cromer Crabs from Cley Smokehouse

Cooked Cromer Crab
£3.75/Cooked Crab 350g-450g
£2.85/Ind Cooked Crab 250g-350g

Fresh Dressed Cromer Crab from Cley Smokehouse

Dressed Lobster

Whole cooked Lobster from Cley Smokehouse

Whole Cooked Lobster
£18.25/Whole Lobster

Cley Smokehouse Crab Paté made from fresh, locally caught Cromer Crab

Cromer Crab Paté

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