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Cley Smoked Salmon


You won't find a smoked salmon with better taste or that has been prepared with more care than Cley Smokehouse Smoked Salmon, whether it's been cold smoked over oak in our brick kils or gently kiln roasted in our hot smoker.

We have been smoking Salmon for over 40 years and to find the secret of our great taste, firstly we start with finest whole Scottish Salmon as the end product can only be as good as the starting point. Then we take great care in preparing our salmon for smoking and then gently smoke the salmon over oak where the process is monitored by our master crafstmen to ensure the salmon at the ultimate point of taste and texture,

The end product is something we are really proud of, all our sliced salmon is sliced by hand, we produce a fabulous and unique range of cured salmons ranging from traditional Gravlax to a Lavender-Citrus and our hot smoked salmon is melt in the mouth.

Side of hand-sliced Smoked Salmon

Side of Scottish Salmon Oak Smoked, hand sliced.

Smoked Salmon Half-Side (un-sliced)

Smoked Salmon Half-Side (un-sliced)

Whole side of Smoked Salmon

Whole side of Scottish Salmon Oak Smoked. (unsliced).

Smoked Salmon Half-Side (hand-sliced)

Smoked Salmon Half-Side (hand-sliced)

Kiln Roasted Hot Smoked 1/2 Side of Salmon

Supreme of Kiln Roasted and Smoked Salmon

Kiln Roasted Salmon portion with Chilli

Supreme of Kiln Roasted Salmon with Chilli

Kiln Roasted Hot Smoked 1/2 Side of Salmon

Kiln Roasted Hot Smoked 1/2 Side of Salmon

Hand sliced Scottish smoked salmon

Sliced Smoked Salmon

Sliced Traditional Gravlax

Sliced Traditional Gravlax

Beetroot cured Salmon with a rich dark colour.

Beetroot Cured Salmon

Cley Smokehouse range of unique cured salmon, sliced and ready to eat.

Salmon Flavour Selection

Sliced Scottish Salmon with a Fennel cure

Fennel Cured Salmon

Sliced Scottish Salmon with a Whisky and Ginger cure

Whisky & Ginger Cured Salmon

Scottish Salmon with a Lavender and Citrus cure

Lavender-Citrus Salmon

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