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Dressed Cromer Crabs and Dressed Lobster

Cromer Crab, Dressed Lobster & Smoked Prawns

All our Cromer Crabs and Lobsters are caught locally by small boats (usually our own) using sustainable traditional fishing methods. Guaranteed fresh our crabs and lobsters will normally be caught, cooked and dressed and vacuum packed within a day meaning they taste just as they should. Cromer Crab, with their high proportion of white meat, along with the Cromer Lobsters have become one of Norfolks best known delicacies.

Legend has it Cley Smokehouse invented the Smoked Prawn and certainly they have become a signature dish, Cley Smoked Prawns are large shell-on succulent prawns gently smoked over oak for a delicate smokey flavour.

Fresh Dressed Cromer Crab from Cley Smokehouse

Dressed Cromer Crab

Freshly cooked Cromer Crabs from Cley Smokehouse

Cooked Cromer Crab

Fresh Dressed Cromer Crab from Cley Smokehouse

Dressed Lobster

Whole cooked Lobster from Cley Smokehouse

Whole Cooked Lobster

Cley Smokehouse Crab Paté made from fresh, locally caught Cromer Crab

Cromer Crab Paté

Ready-to-eat hot smoked prawns

Smoked Prawns

Ready-to-eat hot smoked Crevettes

Smoked Crevettes

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