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Freshly cooked Cromer Crabs from Cley Smokehouse

Suitable for home freezing

Cooked Cromer Crab
Individual Cooked Cromer Crab ready for dressing

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£13.50/4 x Cooked Crab 350g-450g

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£10.50/4xCooked Crabs 250g-350g

£3.75/Cooked Crab 350g-450g

Single Larger Cooked Cromer Crab

£2.85/Ind Cooked Crab 250g-350g

Individual Cooked Cromer Crab

Individual Cromer Crab freshly caught using traditional crab pots off the beach at Cley. Our crabs are freshly cooked and are ready for dressing.

Vacuum packed keep in the freshness.

A taste of Norfolk and a taste of the sea...
To enjoy ultimate freshness dress and consume your cooked crab within 24 hours of arrival/

Keep refrigerated (store below 5 degrees C in vacuum pack).Will keep for 5 days from delivery date.

Suitable for home freezing (must be frozen before use by date). Consume within 3 months of freezing. Thoroughly defrost before use.
Crab (Cancer pagurus) (Shellfish)

Allergens highlighted in bold
Ready to dress and eat.

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