Cley Smokehouse

Cley Smokehouse

traditional smoked fish & meats delivered direct

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A selection of biscuits to pair with our local cheeses

Biscuits for Cheese

Good cheese deserves fine biscuits and crackers.

cheddar cheese

Miller's Elements Ale Crackers
£2.30/100g pack

Grate Britain Smoked Cheese Biscuits

Smoked Cheese Biscuits

Miller's Elements Water biscuits. Flame Baked Water Crackers for cheese, patés and dips

Miller's Elements Water biscuits
£2.30/70g pack

Miller's Elements Fire Crackers, Oak-smoked Flour abd Red Chilli Crackers for Patés and Dips. 100g.

Miller's Elements Fire Crackers
£2.30/100g pack

Grate Britain Stilton Biscuits made with freshly crumbled all-British Long Clawson Blue Stilton® 100g pack.

Grate Britain Stilton Biscuits

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