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Smoked Salmon Half-Side (un-sliced)

Smoked Salmon Half-Side (un-sliced)
Smoked Salmon Half-Side (un-sliced)


£21.95 per 1/2 side (500g - 750g)


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A generous half-side (taken from the thicker section) of traditional Scottish Salmon Oak-smoked. A great way to buy Smoked Salmon when you don't need a whole side but still want to enjoy a classic smoked salmon, trimmed and ready to slice.

All our Salmon our half-sides are sourced from sustainable fisheries, hand prepared and cold smoked over Oak to give, what we believe to be, one of the best tasting Smoked Salmon you can buy anywhere.
Will keep for 14 days in a fridge (unopened) Suitable for home freezing. Consume within 3 months of freezing.

(Important: Always refer to use by date on the packet)t).
Salmon (Salmo salar) Fish, Salt, Natural Oak Smoke

Allergens highlighted in Bold
Ready to eat. A 1/2 kg side will generally serve 9 people as a starter and around 4 - 5 for main course.

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