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Smoked Prawns

Ready-to-eat hot smoked prawns.

Was £6.95 £6.25/500g pack
(£6.95 per 500g pack. £13.90/kg)

Autumn Special

10% OFF Autumn Special
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Smoked Prawns
Smoked Prawns 500g. Legend has it Cley Smokehouse invented the Smoked Prawn and certainly they have become a signature dish, Cley Smoked Prawns are large shell-on succulent prawns gently smoked over oak for a delicate smokey flavour.

Cley Smoked Prawns are incredibly versatile - ready to eat they can be used as a starter or as a snack or in a main course such as Risotto , Paella and Pasta.
Cley Smoked Prawns are ready to eat. Remove heads, peel and serve with mayonnaise and a wedge of lemon as a snack or starter.

Combined with our Smoked Salmon on a blini they make inspiring canapés or add a handful to a paella, pasta or risotto.
Keep refrigerated (store below 5 degrees C). To enjoy your Cley Smoked Prawns at their best they should be consumed 1-2 days after delivery. Generally will keep for 7 days from delivery date (Important: Always refer to use by date on the packet).

Suitable for home freezing (must be frozen before use by date). Consume within 3 months of freezing. Thoroughly defrost before use.